Baroque Er The Baroque Period

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The Baroque period spanned from 1600 to 1750. It was a time where new ideas were discovered and original boundaries were broken to reveal completely different aspects to architecture. Seen as an artistic style, Baroque was a powerful period, full of flamboyant concepts, derived to create drama. The Baroque period produced many magnificent buildings, every one extremely detailed.

The catholic church started the Baroque movement through their bid to reclaim their crowd. The church attempted to do this through the use of art, in the hope that it would attract people, often done through detailed buildings, but also through the use of dramatic sculptures and paintings.

The Baroque period is full of compelling new ides; architects began to experiment with their buildings in many ways, one of which was their ability to theoretically captivate spaces through the movement of the facade, becoming the first movement to not build the buildings right along the boundary of the plot.

Another futuristic technique used by the baroque was publicly display the buildings staircases as a key element of a building. Previous styles tended to conceal the staircases, Baroque decided to use the movement between stories of a building as a feature element; not only did they display them, they brought them to the fore-front of buildings to create a powerful statement.

Buildings built in the movement were symmetrical, this was a continued trait from the renaissance period. In addition to this, the…

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