Baroque Era

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Baroque era was where the most important turn in music took place with its unique arts and its controversial styles to music in its time. I. Definition of Baroque Era A. Can mean different things 1. Bizarre 2. Flamboyant 3. Elaborately Ornamented. 4. Historians meaning a. Used to indicate the particular style in all different forms of art. B. Known as “the age of absolutism” 1. Royals abuse power 2. Throws Bach into jail for asking to leave the job C. Shaping of the world 1. Newton 2. Galileo II. Baroque era music and phases A. Famous composers of the time 1. Johann
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The Baroque era began in the year 1600, at the end of the Renaissance period (Kamien 99). The word Baroque has had several different meanings. Back in its time, the word Baroque has meant: Bizarre, Flamboyant, and Elaborately ornamented. Historians, however, used this word to indicate the particular style in all different forms of art that fills space; which includes canvas, stone, or sound (Kamien 99). The Baroque Period is also known as “the age of absolutism” because so many different rulers of the time used and abused their royal power to control their subjects. For example, in Germany, the duke of Weimar imprisoned the famous Johann Sebastian Bach into prison for a month just because Bach asked to leave his job as the Duke’s musician (Kamien 99). This era in time was also home to scientific discoveries by Newton and Galileo. The Baroque era has shaped the world, as they knew it, to what the people of the twenty-first century all know and love. In music during the Baroque era, there were two composers that well represented the style of its time, George Frideric Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach (Kamien 102). Bach was such an important aspect to the Baroque era that when he died in 1750 it marked the end of the Baroque era pushing the era into the Classical period (Kamien 102). Other famous
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