Baroque Music

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Baroque Music Period “Baroque music expresses order, the fundamental order of the universe. Yet it is always lively and tuneful. Follow the development of music through this brief outline, from the earliest times to the present day, with baroque music set in historical context.” The style of polyphonic music containing elaborate ornamentation and contrasting elements, that is how Baroque music is defined. The Baroque era in music is not a set style in music but many diverse styles which may be broken down into at least three distinct periods. A renewed interest in art and music was experienced throughout the Renaissance which then led to the Baroque era which was more of a transitional stage leading up to the maturity of classical music…show more content…
The 10 most famous composers of the Baroque period are, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, Antonio Vivaldi, George Philip Telemann, Arcangelo Corelli, Henry Purcell, Domenicp Scarlatti, Jean-Philippe Rameau, Johann Pachelbel, Giovanni Battista Sammartini. Coming in first place is Johanne Sebastian Bach who was a genius keyboardist, mastered the organ and harpsichord, and a brilliant composer. He wrote music for nearly all types of musical forms. Second composer was George Frideric Handle who was born in the same year as Bach in a town only fifty miles away. He became a British citizen and he lead a much different life than Bach, but he also wrote music for may genres. Third is Antonio Vivaldi who wrote more than five hundred concertos and he is believed to have invented ritornello form. However much of Vivaldis music lays “undiscovered” until the early 1930s, this newly discoverd music earned Vivaldi the title “The Viennese Counterpart to Back and Handel.” The fourth composer is George Philipp Telemann who was a great friend of both Bach and Handel. He was a distinguished musician and composer. One of the things that made him unique was the incorporation of unusual instruments in his concertos. The fifth composer of this time is Arcangelo Corelli. He was an Italian teacher, violinist, and a great composer. His mastery of the tone of the newly invented violin earned him great reviews throughout Europe. He is known to be the
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