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Baroque Music

In 1600 a new style of music began to evolve, this form of music was later to be called Baroque. Baroque music was very different to the music before its time such as medieval and early renaissance music and the development of new harmonic and melodic lines added difference in pace and variation to the compositions giving them a new shape and form. The structure of the music also changed, different forms such as fugues and cannons developed and different instruments were introduced.

There were many composers that wrote music throughout the baroque era, some more significant than others but each contributing a large amount to the development throughout this period.

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Handel's father disapproved of his composing wanting him to study law; however Handel's intentions were strongly pointed in the direction of his musical talent. Handel became very much involved in the Opera scene developing in London at this time and became key to it's development. After leaving Germany he spent a significant amount of time in Florence, Rome, Naples and Venice and in this time he studied with other influential artists such as ArcangeloCorelli. He then left Italy in 1710 and moved to Hanover; here he was given the job of director of music to George Louis, the Elector. Handel was considered as one of England's most influential composers and after his death in 1710 he was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21st l685 and died in 1750, he was said to have a great ability of bringing the different forms and styles of baroque music to perfection and this helped him stand out as a significant composer during the baroque era and forward till today. Bach came from a family with a large amount of musical history making him well known in his home land of southeast Germany. It was clear that Bach was considered a powerful composer because he was still dominant to the developments made on the baroque style even though he

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