Baroque and Rococo Analysis Essay

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Baroque and Rococo Analysis
Joel Hernandez
Western Governor’s University

Baroque Art Period
The Baroque art period was between 1600 and 1700 and originated from the Portuguese. In this period, art was expressed in form of sculpture, architecture, and music whereby different artists were able to use these mentioned form of art to pass on an intended message to the community (Visual Arts, 2011). One of the factors that motivated this period of art was the support that it had gunned from Catholic Church. The protestant reformation was challenging the Catholic Church not only through literacy but with works of art as well. In turn, the Catholic Church brought about the Counter Reformation. As stated by Art Picture
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A major characteristic that was witnessed through the Rococo period was the main theme, which was playfulness and lightness. Most of the artists during this period developed works of art that did not use the heavier themes and darker colors as those that had been used in the Baroque period. In addition to it symbolizing the two themes, the Rococo period also witnessed the development of decorative artworks and interior design with the artists from this period practicing the same (Think Quest, 2011). By the end of the 18th century, this style of art had developed to great works from great artists such as Antoine Watteau and François Boucher.
Some of the major social conditions that were portrayed during this period include oriental designs whereby artists began the designing of different works of art using different materials, which is different from the previous period where the designs and materials used in the works of art were somewhat the same (Naturalistic Spoon, 2011). In addition, Rococo also portrayed asymmetric compositions in the works of art through the diversification and complexity of the work that was to be performed to perfect on the pieces of art. This made this art period very unique in all its aspects as it defined the kind of art culture that the modern world is using (Naturalistic Spoon, 2011).
Historical art periods were very significant in
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