Barrett Personal Statement

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A graceful gymnast, compact and muscular, bounds towards the vault with each step a leap forward towards her goal of perfection. Planting her feet, the spring-board effortlessly throws her into the air, providing her with the hang time needed to complete her elegant stunt. Without the spring-board, the gymnast would not have enough air-time to spin as much before the mat meets her feet. Barrett is the spring-board to my education which provides me with the hang time to complete my stunt of applying myself as a global citizen with my research in the physical creation of the universe, creating a knowledge and commonplace for all of humanity to accept, unifying all diverse theories into mathematical reasoning. To be considered a global citizen, one must apply the mindset of impacting the community around them in a positive manner, through service or new knowledge that benefits the group not the individual. Only when the outlook of a person is for the betterment of society, one is considered a global citizen, so to become a global citizen, one must seek to improve life around them.…show more content…
Barrett creates an environment where I am one step ahead of regular ASU graduates when it comes to applying for graduate school. Since my goal is to achieve a Ph.D in physics, the honors level rigor at Barrett will prepare me for my graduate and Ph.D work which is more time consuming and meticulous. Without the work ethic gained at Barrett, there is no possible way I would be prepared as a global citizen to constantly add to the knowledge of the group; therefore, through this unqualified approach I would not be considered a global citizen. Therefore, Barrett to me ensures my goal as a global citizen providing the spring-board to my graduate education and future
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