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Case study #2 Barrie Super Subs Introduction Barrie Super subs, one of the larger super subs restaurants, is a part of a chain of 300 restaurants across Canada. Currently, Barrie Super Subs has a restaurant manager, who rarely has time to serve customers and is even discouraged by head office from doing so; an assistant manager whose main priority is assisting the manager with purchasing, hiring, accounts and spends little time on the frontline serving customers; and finally, several part time team leaders who are either full time college or high school students who only service customers. Over the past eighteen months, Barrie Super Subs has been experiencing a series of problems which include staff breaching in store policies such as…show more content…
Instead of noticing the positive change in production during their direct involvement with the team leaders, the manager and assistant manager instead decided to step back once productivity, and their bonus, returned in a slight way; only for the organization to fall short again. In order for team leaders to perform productively, the manager needs to take accountability in the leadership skills that are non-existent amongst staff, get their team morale back up with involvement and goal setting, and then wastage can be properly looked at. As part of an incentive program at Barrie Super Subs, team leaders were granted a food allowance for working four and a half hours continuously. Team leaders felt that the food allowance was a meager incentive to receive as most of them did not even apply for the incentive as many of the shifts given to them were only three or four hours in length. They would still help themselves to food and drinks when the managers weren’t around and wastage was still an issue. The manager thought by initially restricting the food allowance to those who worked six or more hours would correct the wastage problem, however; it worsened and eventually the food allowance being removed as an incentive for the team leaders all together was the way

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