Barrier to Effective Communication

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In this paper I will be discussing the process of communication and its components discuss the difference between listening and hearing in communication, talk about the formal and informal channels of communication, talk about the different barriers to effective communication, and lastly discuss the strategies that may be implemented to overcome communication barriers. Communication is very crucial in the criminal justice system; it is the key element for success. From a rookie all the way up to a chief, every police officer must be able to speak, listen, and understand without excuses. There is no room for poor communication in the criminal justice system, because it is a waste of time and a waste of everyone's energy. An author named…show more content…
These forms provide order and security. The use of excessive and exclusive communications has certain disadvantages. Strict adherence to formal channels can be personal and time consuming, this is one disadvantage. Memorandums must go through the chain of command, then forwarded to the right personnel in order to be drafted carefully. It will also require written records and a lot of people do not like putting their information on paper because it will restrict the flow of the written information, this is another drawback of formal channels. Formal communications also have advantages, however. Formal communication makes it easy for officers because the new information that are about crimes that need to be given to all officers, can make the situation critical, then formal communication is very clear and less confusing regarding the contents. Informal channels which is departmental gossip. This is used between detectives and patrol officers. Using informal channels can save time when time is critical. Instead of going through the entire process, informal channel allows an officer to take the short cut and pass the information on quickly and responsibly. It is also used so different departments can share information. For instance, if a robbery crime resulted in a homicide. This situation allows both departments to team up and solve the crime. When it comes to barriers to effective communication, there are four different types; they are physical barriers,
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