Barriers For Nurse Practitioner Practice That Impact Healthcare Redesign

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Debra Hain and Laureen M. Fleck. ”Barriers to Nurse Practitioner Practice that Impact Healthcare Redesign" OJIN: The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing Vol. 19, No. 2, Manuscript 2. Web. 6 Apr. 2016. “Barriers to Nurse Practitioner Practice that Impact Healthcare Redesign” is the article written by two physicians, Debra Hain and Laureen M. Fleck. The two physicians explain the barriers and setbacks that the scope of practice prevents APNs from practicing from. This article also gives suggestions of what steps they think should be taken in order to completely make the scope of practice fair for everyone who has been trained to practice specific skills. This will be extremely beneficial to my proposal because Hain and Fleck describe the same steps to completely even the scope of practice that I am proposing. I will be using this article mainly in my first and second body paragraph so the readers know quickly what I am proposing and that there is support from physicians on my side as well. This will hook the readers quickly and they will instantly want to know more about how the scope of practice should be made completely even. The article also gives examples about how the future of APNs education will look after the scope is made completely equal. While talking about the future of education, the article mentions The Robert Wood Foundation. This foundation was previously talked about in my call-to-action essay, when I first discussed the scope of practice in nursing. With
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