Barriers Of Health Care Access For The Aging Hispanics

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Barriers to Health Care Access for The Aging Hispanics In America Immigrants are faced with a lot of barriers when it comes to taking full advantage of basic preventive care services available to them. Of the diverse population of immigrants coming to the United States, over half (53%) of them are older Hispanics from Latin America (Strunk, Townsend-Rocchiccioli, & Sanford, 2013). This paper focuses on US-dwelling Hispanics, aged 65 years old and above. This paper will depict how failing to acculturate, lacking financial resources, and having limited ability to communicate in English pose a challenge for the older Hispanic population to obtain high quality and cost-effective patient care. Acculturation refers to the process of individuals changing and adapting to the behaviors and values of a new group or culture (Strunk et al., 2013). Some older Hispanics may hold on to their cultural beliefs and values of which are far different compared to the traditional Western health care views, resulting in a failure to access care. One of the beliefs Hispanics have is the belief that the secret to achieving good physical and mental health is maintaining a balance between the person and the environment, and between hot and cold within the body (Taylor, Lillis, & Lynn 86). Illnesses and conditions deemed to be hot including pregnancy, hypertension, diabetes, and indigestion should be treated with interventions considered cold. Consequently, illnesses and conditions deemed to be…

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