Barriers Of People With Disability

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People with disabilities are recognized as one of the largest minority groups within in our nation. Evidently, this is why our society needs to recognize people of disability and in the ways in which we can justly view them. As a community, we need to spread awareness about the growing number of people with disabilities. According to “Disabilities Studies: A New Normal,” the vast number of people with disabilities are growing in significant numbers; this is an imperative reason why our nation needs to be more educated about this minority group (Simon 1). We need to stop the evident barriers that have been causing these limitations, which, in turn, enables segregation amongst people who have acquired a disability. It is likely that all human beings have an impairment of one kind or another. However, many able bodied individuals have this fixed view, which is acquired from their youth through the influence of their peers. They learned from their environment that having an impairment is not the issue, but the structure within society in which they view these people is the problem. Once able-bodied people think of people with disabilities as normal and of having self-worth, then a clear monumental jump for future change within society will take place. However, a societal change does not take place with just one individual enabling it; society as a whole must initiate and stand for people with disabilities. This class in particular has opened my eyes to a different perception
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