Barriers Of Women 's Education

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Barriers to Women’s Education in Rural Pakistan I had a hard time finding these sources to discuss the issue of women’s education in rural Pakistan because no one really writes about these issues anymore. Often girls in rural areas of Pakistan face barriers in getting education because of the patriarchal mindset of people, gender discriminations against them and social norms restricts their opportunity. Arguments have been made that education is the key for women for their freedom. The definition of education defined by Shehzadi Awan the author of “Role of Civil Society in Empowering Pakistani Women” is that “the educational level and a person’s profession should be more important to determine its contribution towards the society” (4). His definition of education for women means that women should be known by their education level and with the profession they hold in their society. On the other hand, the authors of “Higher Education And Women 's Empowerment In Pakistan”, Samina Malik and Kathy Courtney say that “higher education opens up new options for women as individuals in Pakistan and further sets up ripples with the power to initiate significant changes in the direction of greater gender parity in Pakistani society” (1). She is saying education opens up a door of opportunities for women in society. It provides women with the new skills, gives them a platform where their voices can be heard and know what their rights. Both of the author’s definition defines that
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