Barriers To Effective Communication In Nursing

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2.Barriers to Effective Communication
Communication is a means of getting information across from one person to another. However, effective communication is the process of getting information across from one person to another in a way that they will understand our feeling thought and needs. communication is an important tool in health education by which a nurse establishes a relationship with consumer of a health care delivery product or service its effectiveness depend on her ability to convey messages. In a timely and intelligent manner although so many barriers could hinder this communication physical distance to inaccessibility, tradition, semantic barriers, perception, the attitude of the supervisor, levels are barriers to effective communication between a nurse aid and health care consumer.
Personal Life
As a health educator a failure in communication means inability to transfer information or handle the case of a healthcare consumer well, so i developed good communication skills in order to resolve some of these barriers in physical distance, it is mostly applicable to word communication where the nurse might not have frequent content with the health care consumer or the supervisor to express themselves well but I have learnt to bridge this distance gap by using telephones speed post, social networks etc.
Social Context
The success of a health educator in his or her career depends mostly on how he performs a social context relating to communication. This includes
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