Barriers To The Transgender Community

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In today society the transgender people all over the world will face sever discrimination, stigma, systemic inequality and harassment. One of the many barriers transgender face is data collection on health disparities. Transgender people have been reported to be at higher risk of developing health problems; many have little to no access on health care resulting in low rates of employment and insurance coverage.

Human Rights Campaign Foundation reports “In a 2012 needs assessment by the Washington D.C. Trans Coalition, about 44 percent of those who identified health as one of their top priorities said that access to transgender-sensitive healthcare was their most significant need. Beyond facing barriers to obtaining medically-necessary health services and encountering medical professionals who lacked health care competency, the NTDS found that almost 20 percent of respondents had been refused medical care because of bias.” The restriction of denying healthcare is unlawful and unfair treatment is creating stigma against transgender people. According District of Columbia on the Human Rights campaign in 2014 reported “state legislatures across the country are debating and in some cases passing legislation specifically designed to prohibit transgender people from accessing public bathrooms that correspond with our gender identity, or
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The National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS) found that about “15 percent of respondents were living in severe poverty (making less than $10,000/year). For transgender people of color, those rates were even higher, with 34 percent of Black and 28 percent of Latina/o respondents reporting a household income of less than $10,000 a year.” Leaving people of the transgender community at higher risk of poverty, resulting in homelessness and in engaging in reckless activity such as selling drugs, and
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