Barriers of Communication

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Filtering is common barriers to effective communication because filtering is the control of information flow intentionally so that the receivers feel more easily accepted that mean maybe some important information have been deleted as the receivers don’t wish to know .When a sender independently manipulates information so that it will be seen more favorably by the receiver . In an organization, it can happen when the upper position not desire all the information to be known by the lower hierarchy. At time, an employee tells the manager what the manager want to hear. In hierarchy-based organizations, filtering is a big problem. Reducing the number of intermediate levels in the organizations can eliminate filtering. For more personal…show more content…
Another solution to overcome filtering communication is to repeat to the other what you think they have said. Let them know how their communication is filtering through to you. So be willing to really hear what they mean. This can be helpful in dealing with the prejudging and filtering communication barrier. Another common communication barriers is emotion. You feelings at the time of communication mean a lot to how you interpret the information. The same message sent to you when you are angry and when you are happy can be interpreted significantly different. Sometime you get emotional when you are dealing with the any subject that is against your interests or feelings. An emotional factor plays an important role in the communication of message. The biggest problem to us caused by emotions is not we are going to miss certain information (maybe useful ones), the problem is usually at that time we are not that rational. If we fail to interpret the information rationally, we are not objective and logical. So at this moment, a person’s emotional status when either sending or receiving a message can become a barrier to effective communication. For example, You may have to deal with people when they are upset or when you are. An upset person tends to ignore or distort what the other person is saying and is often unable to present feelings and ideas effectively. This is not to say
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