Barriers to Critical Thinking

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______________________________________________________________________________ Name : Dinesh S/O Raja Kumar Course: UTB 1122 ID No : 1000222 Date : 4th August 2013 ______________________________________________________________________________Academic Essay: Factors That Influence the Lack of Critical Thinking Skills Critical thinking is a rich concept that has been developing throughout the past 2500 years. Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing and evaluating information gathered from observation as a guide to belief and action. Critical thinking skills are important because they enable students “to deal effectively with social, scientific, and practical…show more content…
Granting all this, students must learn how to think critically before they can apply the skill to content scenarios. 1 1 The second fundamental factor that influences the lack of critical thinking skills is the lack of intelligence of a person. This is understandable; people who lack intelligence will find it much easier to simply accept certain ideas at face-value than take the time and effort to research them. Without thinking critically, you're only looking at the surface of things (Fawcett, 2013). Furthermore, since critical thinking requires a certain degree of intelligence; students cannot think critically if they are ignorant of its process. Critical thinking is not about assuming that everything they hear, read or see is potentially wrong. It is about taking any information provided and analyzing it using the critical thinking process. Without this understanding, critical thinking skills will be nonexistent. Moreover, mental disability and mental illness can cause a variety of obstacles, including disturbances of thought and perception towards the students. These health problems can be the key factor towards the lack of intelligence of a person. As a result, individuals suffering from such issues may be at an intellectual disadvantage. The third prevailing factor that influences the lack of critical thinking skills is
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