Barriers to Critical Thinking

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Barriers to Critical Thinking
When thinking critically, it is impossible to say that many of us have not come to some kind of barrier in our thought process. Not to say that we cannot overcome them though. All of us have opinions and ideas on just about everything and anything. And those opinions and thoughts could be something that is ingrained in your very being or something you picked up along your path. Those opinions and ideas could be holding you back from thinking critically, even though you may not be aware of it. Though there are more barriers that inhibit critical thinking then I can count on my fingers and toes, some familiar and popular barriers one may face are egotistical thinking, self-serving bias, and of course, emotional
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Some can’t deal with the idea of seeming inadequate in any way. Others feel the need to overcompensate. These factors, among others, lead to individuals lying or finding excuses for their short comings. My mother for example, has an excuse for everything. Sometimes it seems like every conversation we have is her complaining about some aspect of her life, and then coming off with an excuse to validate the complaint. It is incredibly frustrating. This example is a sure way to prohibit one’s own critical thinking abilities. Serving oneself with affirmations regardless of the outcome is selfish and unfair. In order to overcome this self-serving bias, you have to relinquish thoughts of inadequacy and accept that no one is perfect. Frankly, it’s unfair to yourself and others to never take the blame for your wrong doings or mistakes. Having the ability to know you have “goofed” and find a way to improve, so it never happens again, is actually critically thinking. You are aware and accepting of the problem and devise a solution. It’s much more progressive and thought provoking to fix and issue rather than ignore it, or place blame elsewhere.
The Emotional Barriers
“Emotions can affect and inspire thought, said William James, but he also said they can destroy it” (Goodpastor & Kirby, 2007, Chapter 2). There is a wide range of beautiful and heart wrenching emotions that humans feel. Emotions mold us, change us, and inevitably make us who we are. But emotions
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