Barriers to Effective Communication

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bbBarriers to Effective Communication “Barriers are influencing factors which impede or breakdown the continuous communications loop. They block, distort, or alter the information. By identifying the barriers and applying countermeasures, team members can effectively communicate.” (Wallace and Roberson, 2009) Chapter four speaks of four obstacles that can prevent effective communication. Emotional barriers, physical barriers, semantic barriers, and ineffective listening all prevent effective communication on both the giving end and the receiving end. Emotional barriers are not limited to the sender; it can also be present in the receiver. For an officer who has low self-esteem, they will often look for acceptance by adding a question…show more content…
There are three steps in the listening process. The first thing an officer must not do is to interpret the speakers’ message in their own manor. They should not try to come to a conclusion on the “speakers’ motives, viewpoint, and accuracy” (Wallace and Roberson, 2009). No conclusion should be made until listening to the speakers’ full story. They should also not assume what the speaker will say. The second ting is the language barrier. The officer needs to make sure that they and the speaker are using/ communicating with the same language efficiently.
Overcoming Communication Barriers All of the communication barriers have to deal with verbal communication. I don’t believe that enough time is spent on communication barriers and how to overcome them. There is plenty of information available on the internet about overcoming communication barriers. Jerry L Hampton created the “Barriers to Communication (community) Exercise” workshop. “This group dynamics exercise allows people to find their communications barriers. It can be used in any kind of group and can be adapted for use in a number of ways.” (Barriers to Communication (community) Exercise) The exercise helps to find a primary personal barrier and how they would like to improve it. Although the workshop does not apply to all four of the
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