Barriers to Effective Communication

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Barriers to Effective Communication Paper
Robin Mravik
Due Date: Monday October 10, 2011
Instructor: Janette Nichols

When it comes to communicating with people in our daily lives, there are many people that think there is just talking and listening to the other people in the communicating process. However, there is actually five step in the communication process; which are as follows: 1.) sending the message out to someone, 2.) sending the message through a medium, 3.) receiving the message ,
4.) understanding the message the person had sent, and 5.) giving your feedback to the individual that had sent the message to you.

1.) Sending the message: with this step in communication, this is where
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formal channel is the conventional method of communication in any police

department, which usually follows a chain of command. This kind of

communication channel is characterized by directives, written memorandums, and

formal orders. This type of communication gives a sense of security to a police

department, while at the same time provides a sense of order in the department.

There are some disadvantages to this type of communication, one is that it is very

time consuming and personnel consuming, Another disadvantage is that the formal

channel of communication has is that it effects the free flow of information between

the speaker and the receiver.

The formal channel can seem to be a hindrance to spontaneous thoughts and ideas.

There are also advantages to formal communication channels. The formal channel

provides the police organization with a type of consistency, because all officers

5 receive the same information. This is significant when there is information about a

crime, and t his information needs to get the officers that are out patrolling the area.

An informal channel of communication is basically departmental gossips. This

basically is an unofficial channel of communication within a police organization.

The information from these channels will not be seen on any black boards, emails,

or memos.

There are few barriers that make it difficult for people to have effective
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