Barriers to Effective Downsizing Change Management

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Employee Retention Related Barrier 5 ii. Avoiding Hard Landings 6 iii. Employees and Employers' Political Behavior 8 iv. Loss or Lack of Group Work 9 v. Survivor Syndrome 10 vi. Lack of Management Visibility and Support 11 vii. Communication Barrier 12 viii. Barrier to Due Diligence 13 ix. Cultural Adjustment Barrier 14 Conclusion 16 Reference 17

Change management can be defined as a framework that is used for managing the consequences of novel business processes and for managing the changes taking place in existing organizational structure or cultural of an enterprise (Reiß, 2012; Rouse, 2008; Elearn, 2007; Creasey, 2012). In addition, some define change management as a structured process, which causes considered changes that need to be reviewed for technological and organizational promptness in a reliable way, which are relaxed or squeezed to regulate the business needs and experiences. In addition, it is also examined that the process of change management helps in communicating the status and existence of changes to all affected…
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