Barriers to Funding in the Human Services Field and Technological Methods to Overcome Them

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Barriers to Funding in the Human Services Field and Technological Methods for Overcoming Them Introduction There are many barriers to funding in the human services sector. Hampered abilities to deliver services, problems with the efficiency of services, lack of precision in tracking and forecasting costs, and a lack of adequate technical knowledge among professionals in the human services field can all present certain barriers to the receipt of funding necessary to maintain operations for human services agencies and organizations (Germain, n.d.; Deloitte, 2009; Lefkovitz, 2009). These are all issues that can affect funding acquisition in a variety of complex ways, and information technologies as well as other innovations and adaptations can be used to overcome the barriers they might present as described below. Strategies All of the above issues can be addressed at least in part by making the collection, presentation, and dissemination of information more comprehensive, accurate, and clear (Germain, n.d.; Deloitte, 2009; Lefkovitz, 2009). Word processing, spreadsheet, and database technologies can all be used to achieve better analysis and presentation of financial data, knowledge and skills needed to provide services, lists of funding sources, and more. Communication media, from videos to web-based interfaces to presentation and report creating software can also help collate and present clear information between individuals and agencies in order to better
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