Essay about Barriers to Health

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The article I chose to analyze is titled Coping in parents of children who are chronically ill: strategies for assessment and intervention, which focused on psychosocial and physical health related determinants in their strategy to confront caregiver burden and promote positive coping strategies to identified stressors. The research done by Melnyk, Feinstein, Moldenhouer, and Small (2001), addressed strategies for assessing stress related needs in parents of chronically ill children and health promotional interventions, which have similarities to aspects of the group’s video and components of their health promotional program structure. Specifically, Melnyk et al. (2001), explore the effects of their educational-behavioral program pilot …show more content…
Specifically, they included a useful technique incorporating a “Stress Journal” which was provided by the group I efforts to minimize a potential barrier with regard to not buying a journal. They also incorporated the “Heart rate reserve method,” aerobic exercise, and yoga, to reduce stress by providing strategies to participate successfully. Likewise, “Hidden fitness tips” component provided useful educational tools, and quality resources such as the booklet which I believe is called “Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging.” By integrating the previously discussed areas, I feel like this group hit upon some key points in regards to effectively providing information to their target audience.

c. How does the video suggest OT can help meet some specific societal needs other than that described in the class presentation made by this group? Please describe.

From the caregiver group’s video, implications can be suggested in regards to an OT helping to meet some specific societal needs other than those described in the in-class presentation. As many of us did, this group’s health promotion program addressed societal needs on a national level, which for the scope of this assignment certainly seems more than appropriate, especially considering our nation’s growing needs. However, as I found with my
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