Barriers to the Implementation of Sustainability Recommendations

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Barriers to the Implementation of Sustainability Recommendations With any plan for sustainability recommendations, there can be barriers to implementation (DesJardins, 2007). These barriers have to be addressed and considered so that it is possible to work around them or adjust the plans in order to ensure that sustainability can be acquired and achieved. Riordan is already aware of what needs to be done, but the company must now focus on how to address those concerns in the most appropriate and effective way. The barriers to sustainability faced by Riordan include a lack of strong, quality employees, a lack of training for employees as well as issues with hiring practices. Additionally, Riordan wants to focus on using less petroleum, handing the by-products of petroleum use more responsibly, and creating a just-in-time inventory system so costs are lowered and there is less waste that could be damaging to the environment. Financially, there are barriers to finding new employees and/or retraining the employees who are already working for the company. Hiring, firing, and training are all costly (Wilson & Sasseville, 1998). Additionally, just-in-time inventory systems can cause technical and practical issues where businesses are concerned because they are not always feasible (Savitz, 2006). There are also social and ethical issues that come with a reduction of petroleum usage and petroleum-based products. If Riordan is going to become more sustainable and green, it has
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