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The reason why I choose to change their lives was because they want to move on with their life. People want to move on with their life because they don’t want to go to one route that they had been on for a long time to just be stressed. Like in Barrio Boy, the kid changed his life because he did not want to only speak spanish but also a different language like english. Also In The other side of the sky, she changed her life because she had lost her leg and her dad and she moved on with one leg and her mom to Pakistan. Then In the song of wandering, Aengus, the guy never changed his route but decided to follow this one girl who he loved but at first was a fish that turned into a girl which I don’t understand but I guess that he changed his…show more content…
Ahmedi realized that not all people can be nice on a journey but some can be really kind and help you on the way. In The Song of Wandering Aengus by William Butler Yeats, Aengus had gone fishing one day with a stick, a piece of yarn,and a berry to catch the fish. In fact he caught a trout that “shined” in the sun, but what was really surprising was that the trout turned into a “glimmering girl.”Not only did the fish turn into a girl but also it called his name 3 times before vanishing off ,but what I don’t understand is how did that girl even know his name in the first place. Since Aengus fell in love with the girl he decided to follow her which is also strange because he does not know this girl which is practically a stranger. Also he had stated in the last paragraph,”Though I am old with wandering, Through hollow lands and hilly lands, I will find out where she has gone, and kiss her lips and take her hands; and walk among dappled grass, and pluck till times and times are done, The silver apples of the moon. The golden apples of the sun.” In conclusion, for all three paragraphs which they all relate to my thesis statement is that in

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