Barry Gross Didn 't Do A Great Job As President Of

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Barry Gross didn’t do a great job as president of while it progressed from small business to large venture. The growth phase happened so quick he had to adjust on the fly, one could tell he wasn’t expecting his business to take off like it did in a short amount of time. He primarily focused on training and coaching his existing employees to become more skilled at saving and recruiting new employees than at business development. With so many calls coming in they had a backlog of new enrollees that they had to wait a few days to a week to get to them. It seemed Gross didn’t think his company would of became this popular this quick, or he would of already had all the employees in place with the training already done if so with a bigger building for the expected growth. However, it was one of those cases that no one knew how many new enrollees with going to pile in like it did. But he did get plenty of exposure and the marketing stand point was great, he got the kind of exposure most companies dream of. Next point to touch on is the company’s strength and weaknesses. strengths are their training of the employees in their negation skills. They got the deal done and always seemed to have lowered a few bills at least, which is better than where the customer started. Weaknesses had to be wasn’t expecting the growth of the customer base overnight like what had happened. The team Gross assembled was three other employees and he focused
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