Barry Schwartz 's Ted Talk

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The ability to choose and make choices does not make us freer. In fact, the opposite is true. The more choices we have, the less free we feel. Too many options, too many paths, too many alternatives makes us feel cornered and confused. We don’t know which is the best and remain frozen and undecided as a result. This was the point of Barry Schwartz’s TED talk. He wanted to explain that more choices does not equal more freedom. One way he illustrates this point is by telling a story. Schwartz’s talks about going out to buy a pair of jeans. It used to be that there was only one kind you could, but when he walked into the store he was faced with several different options. In end, he left the store with a pair of jeans that fit him well, they were better than his previous pair. Unfortunately, he was not satisfied. The jeans were good, but they were not perfect. I agree with the point Schwartz makes. A multitude of options to choose from means finding the right one. Things go wrong when we do not find the right one. Or, at least, what we believe to be the right one. No matter what we pick or what we decide, we will always be left wondering if it was the best option. It does not matter if we’re happy with what we have chosen, we will always wonder “Is this the best I could do or is there something better?” In the end, too many choices means that there is no right one. There is always something better, and when there is always something better nothing is the best. The ability…
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