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So anyway, as the party wound down, the rowdier the guys in the house became. Marie was making out with her boyfriend all night, and finally towards the end they decided to fuck. They came over to where I was and struck up a conversation. Marie said to her boyfriend, “This is Emilia. She is the reason I have an A in English.” She ran her hand across my face and said, “She’s so pure and innocent.” She leaned down and looked me in the eyes and said in the most sickening condescending tone, “Do you want to see how a woman makes love to a man?”
Fuck you bitch, I thought to myself, like I need some dumb whore to show me how to fuck, but I followed them anyway and I watched them fuck each other. It was boring. There was no excitement. I did anal,
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He frowned at me and took a step back. He looked puzzled. “I…I’ve… you just used profanity. A lady is not supposed to use profanity.”
“Fuck you.” I stepped closer to him and grabbed his crotch with my right hand and asked, “What makes you think I’m a fucking lady?”
I pushed him back.
He fell onto the bed.
I lifted up my puddle skirt and straddled him.
He looked at me and said, “You’re not wearing any underwear.”
“Shut the fuck up.” I looked down and held his face in my hands and said, “Now, I’m going to teach you a few things motherfucker.”
I leaned down and bit his ear before whispering, “Never judge a fucking book by the fucking cover.”
“You’re turning me on. I ain’t ever heard a lady curse like
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We don’t find many of you around here.” He pulled out of me. I reached for his cock. He straddled my face and put the head of his cock on my lips and exploded on my face. The guy beneath me pushed and I rolled off of him and onto my stomach. He continued fucking me in the ass. He got me into a doggie position and pulled my long hair back. He rocked in me and moaned and pulled on my hair.
I glanced to my left and caught my reflection in the mirror. He was smiling. I was smiling. I felt a tingle go down my back and closed my eyes. The guy pulled out of me and came in my hair.
I collapsed on the bed and spread my legs.
Goddamn, I thought, this was amazing. I felt weak, but strong, alive and dirty. Before I could even think anymore another guy slid under me and fucked my ass. Another slid his cock into my freshly fucked pussy and pounded on me. The guy beneath me began to whimper. I turned and looked at him. As the brother in my pussy slammed into me and slapped and spit on me, I ran my hand over the other guys face and asked, “What’s wrong?”
“I didn’t know I was going to lose my virginity like
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