Bart College Case Study

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Bart College has established itself as an institution grounded in the natural sciences. It maintains its focus of being environmentally conscience, by upholding its mission of creating leaders that will impact the world we live in. With that said, the board’s decision to incorporate Christian beliefs into its mission, has sparked an opportunity for remarkable change. Allowing the mission to guide the institution into endeavors not previously sought, provides opportunities for progression. The current financial condition that Bart College is experiencing is due to lack of growth in areas of enrollment, fundraising and partnerships. In addition to the lack of growth, the institution has a number of deferred maintenance issues that have negatively…show more content…
Adding this Christian viewpoint into the mission, provides all constituents with insight on how the institution will function moving forward. As the campus merges Christian faith into academics, a campus wide initiative, “Love of God, Love of Others and Love of Earth”, blends the institutions historical tradition with the faith focused community. Marketing for this initiative will be distributed throughout campus over the next thirty days. All student leaders and advisors have been asked to serve as ambassadors and participate in getting the campus involved. In addition, all student affairs professionals and professors are encouraged to discuss how this new initiative impacts campus; this will give them the opportunity to share ideas on how the institution can strengthen its presence. For example, groups can discuss the effect the “Green Movement” has on campus. Adapting to the new culture is a community effort. Having the full support of faculty, staff and students will make for a smooth transition. Encouraging student leadership allows students to have ownership of campus ideas and initiatives, while creating a better sense of
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