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Bartending It was in the year 1999 when a Penn State College student named John Gayewski decided that he needed a way to, “make some money, do something fun, and you know, meet some women.” He was going to make his claim to fame and take what was his in the world of opportunity. So, early in the summer, John decided to enroll into a forty hour bartender’s course, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. For the duration of the course, the instructors taught John the intricate methods to memorizing drinks, ways of earning better tips, how to set up your bar and how to clean up your bar. The forty hour class went by and at the very end of his training he graduated as a certified mixologist. The next step for John was the job hunt. Since he was…show more content…
He learned a lot about what went on at the bar like how to deal with the drunken people, how to screen the younger kids and the many other aspects required to keep a safe bar. After graduation, John moved back to his hometown of Mountaintop, Pennsylvania. Again he was faced with the task of searching for a job. Eventually he would find his first real bartending job at the Wyoming Valley Country Club. A complete change from the college bar, the country club was a quiet, relaxed atmosphere where the clients were older and more refined. “It was a pretty cool job. It wasn’t with a lot of young people but we had regulars at the bar all the time. I talked golf with them, they tipped well, very well since most of the people at the country club were pretty well to do.” That was a good time for John. He got to watch sports with his customers and it wasn’t the very intense, “heads down bartending” where the bartender is always looking down making drinks instead of socializing with the people sitting around the bar. For a while John poured drinks for the golfers at the club, but before long John was looking for change. He looked towards the largest supplier of liquor to the area, The Woodlands Inn and Resort. Shortly after he placed his application, he was hired for a bartending position. Because it was mostly the
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