Bartholomew Raider: Spreading To Go To School

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I am always dreading to go to school because of Bartholomew Raider. He was my personal bully. He would follow me and be breathing down my back the whole day. Bartholomew would trip me, throw my books on the ground, slam my head on the lockers, and would tease me about not doing my homework even though he would not do his homework if you paid him one-hundred dollars. Bartholomew was at least six feet tall and weighed at least 180 pounds. Bartholomew also had bad grades in all of his classes. I have talked to my counselor and my Mother about this situation but they both say they can’t prove he is guilty of bullying me at school. One day Bartholomew took it too far, he grabbed my arm so hard it felt like he was going to rip it off and he spun
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