Base Jumping Is Becoming Known As One Of The Most Extreme Sports The World Knows

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Base jumping is becoming known as one of the most extreme sports the world knows. To successfully BASE jump one must bound from an “exit point”, and free fall from very high places. People say it’s too dangerous, and should be outlawed completely. On the other hand, people like the late Dean Potter used to successfully jump with his dog in a backpack as he would leap off cliffs falling as much as 3000 feet towards the ground. BASE jumping is amazing, and isn’t for everyone, but it should at the least remain someone’s choice to do it or not in my opinion. Its known as BASE jumping, and BASE is an acronym that stands for buildings, antennae, spans, and earth such as cliffs and mountains (Tara L. Allman). These are all places BASE jumpers hurdle from. They go to these places to perform their sport, leaping off into the void and free falling. Before smashing into the ground, they deploy their parachute. There is a high likelihood you will die if you make any mistakes. So you are effectively saving your own life every time you do it. Simple right? Not by a long shot. This sport is a huge undertaking. You start off a student, and only after years learning under a mentor, do you get to wear the invisible badge of BASE Jumper. BASE jumping is widely viewed by the public as dangerous and too risky. In many countries and states of the US, BASE jumping is illegal. In addition, not only is the act of jumping illegal, but BASE jumpers are often trespassing on someone’s property to

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