Base On Stakeholder Participation And Tourism Sustainability Analysis

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5. Recommendations 5.1 Issues review Base on stakeholder participation and tourism sustainability analysis, the main problems current exists can be concluded. Initially, low level local business operators and residents’ participation in decision making process. Secondly, over commercialization and transformation of culture, architecture pollution. Then, in terms of environment, key concerns remain on fishery resource protection and cultivation, without compromise benefits of local residents. In the next section, several recommendations are provided for inspiration, while the feasibility and effectiveness should be further analyzed. 5.2 Enhancing Stakeholder involvement: Building and empower a collaborative policy making committee, Building and empower a policy making collaborative committee, involved multi stakeholders that represent for the voice of local resident, local business operators, tourists, external investors, public officers, specialist (environment, tourism, cultural, urban development, marketing, legal). More transparency information and making decision at optimal one. Establish Tourism Industry Association of Zhou Shan Learn the successful experience from Canada, the Association of Canada (TIAC), which on behalf of Canadian tourism businesses and promotes positive measures that will benefit the sector’s growth and development, membership including government departments, trades, industry advocacy groups and destination marketing organizations. The

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