Baseball And Its Impact On Baseball

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Baseball was introduced to America in the 1800s. As the game of baseball started to become popular, many people became interested in the game. Baseball fanatics fell in love with the sport, but not everyone could play. Racial discrimination found its way to baseball when the game was first discovered and created many controversies that prevented many colored players from playing the game because of their skin color. This could be part of the reason why in today’s culture, you do not see many black Americans playing the game of baseball. The steady decline in black Americans playing baseball could also be contributed to other sports like basketball and football started to become more popular and they just simply lost interest in baseball.
The integration of baseball all started in 1947 when the black community finally had access to the game just like everyone else. This increased the numbers of black baseball athletes and, for a while, everyone was happy especially since Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball and opened the doors for other black players. The numbers then started to decline when football and basketball started to become more prominent in America. Baseball was becoming an “old and slow” sport, while basketball and football caught the attention of black athletes. Baseball has become a sport that represents older America and because of the culture change people want something different like basketball and football. When the culture changes, so do…
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