Baseball Games Should Not Be Banned

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Imagine the year is 1998, and baseball player Mark McGwire is stronger and more aggressive than ever. The fans are in shock because the crowd is familiar with baseball games being on the dull side, but this baseball game has the fans at the edge of the seat. Now imagine every Oakland Athletics game having this powerful energy, home run after home run, fast running, and the loud crowd cheering for the home team. The score is tied and the baseball game is in the last inning. The crowd begins to scream and sweat nervously, with only a few seconds left. The players are running all over the court as fast as ever before, and the sound of the ball being hit against the bat is so loud the crowd can hear the sound from the nosebleeds. McGwire swings and hits a homerun and the Oakland Athletics win. But come to find out Mark McGwire, who hit the winning homerun had Performance-Enhancing Drugs in his system. The other team is infuriated when knowing the truth behind all of the fast balls and home runs which were hit, and knowing the team was cheated and had a chance to win. The Oakland Athletics were ashamed to hear the news from the fellow team mate. Unfortunately due to the professional athlete’s well performance, McGwire influenced other baseball players to begin using the drug. Using Performance Enhancing Drugs in sports goes as far back as the 1980’s, in the article “Performance Enhancing Drugs” written by Stan Mcneal states that “Measuring the impact

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