Baseball Has Driven People Together

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Throughout Kansas, families of all shapes and sizes can say this is what they love most about their state. Being one of America’s past times, baseball has driven people together. Due to the Royals winning the World Series, it has become even more popular among kids. They aspire to be like Perez or Moustakas, wanting to make amazing plays and lead their team to victory. Down at the Blue Valley Reactional baseball fields, many of these boys can be found. One day on a hot, summer day in Kansas, these athletes are rushing to the fields, while carrying bags that are as tall and heavy as them. While settling into their sunflower seed filled dugouts, the sound of metal spikes hitting the cement fills the air. These kids are ready to shed blood, sweat, and tears in the 100 degree weather that Kansas has produced. As I am sitting in the stands looking around at the parents near me, it is apparent that various ones are more serious and competitive then others. Some parents just wear the colors of their child’s team, and others have shirts that actually say the team name. Although they all are quite different, they have one thing in common. They are willing to suffer the heat filled air to support their children in their activities. Walking onto the field, the umpire comes announces with his deep, gruff voice that it is time to start the game, triggering all of the parents to rush onto the bleachers. Listening to the sounds of bodies hitting the bleachers, they boys rush out of
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