Baseball, Hockey, And Soccer

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Cierra Brewington Mrs. Overby College Prep Writing 18 November, 2015 Research Log Baseball, football, hockey, and soccer, all of these sports are American past times. Most have their favorite teams in which they follow and some even tail gate at their games. Then you also have your die-hard fans who get dressed up in the team colors and according to team name or mascot. In some cases like that of Red skin fans that sometimes include fans appropriating Native Americans by wearing red face paint, head dresses, and war paint. In recent years the Red Skins and other sports teams have received back lash from the Native American communities demanding that they change their name and mascot due its racial insensitivity and stereotyping of the Native American people. Some will debate that sport team names and mascots like that of the Red Skins, Cleveland Indians, Atlanta Braves or the Chicago Blackhawks are not offensive but in my personal opinion Pro sports teams should not be allowed to continue to appropriate race or culture. Most people don’t put too much thought into what we have come to think as generic sport team names such as Braves, Warriors, Chiefs, and etc. Many do not think of the negative affect these names may have on Native American communities. Frank Deford from the Morning Addition has spoken to some Native American activists whom believe, “that the use of such nicknames and the display of dancing costumed mascot who amuse crowds at games manage to perpetuate the
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