Baseball Influence On Baseball

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Millions of people across the globe prepare all year for this. It takes over one hundred and sixty-two games to decide what two teams will compete for it all. The fall classic, or World Series, and America’s pastimes biggest stage. The World Series brings people together, brings economic growth, and brings passion of the game of baseball to its fans. This past year, the curse that lasted over one hundred and eight years, was uplifted from baseball’s most beloved team, the Chicago Cubs. Baseball is known as America’s pastime for a reason. It has been in around since the early 1900’s. It has been apart of my life since birth. The World Series is like a holiday to my family. And if our team, the Chicago White Sox, are playing in it, it gives us a sense of pride and hope. It changed the way I look at life, when I saw the way the professional players felt when they either won or lost. It showed me that no matter what your job or profession is, to always but your heart into it. Baseball is a game filled with competition, yet also filled with compassion and courage. The World Series doesn’t occur every day, but the work and mindset that will get a team there does occur every single day. Once a team wins the World Series, the emotion that they go through, and also bring back to their city is unimaginable. Not only after winning a World Series does the sense of pride and joy increase, but so does the cash flow of that city. Most tickets to an average ball game on a
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