Baseball Is America 's Past Time Sport

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Baseball is well known as America 's Past-Time sport. It has been played the same for many years, and now all of a sudden some fans and the commissioner of baseball want to make such abrupt rule changes just to speed up the game itself. Those rule changes include possibly eliminating managers, introducing a time limit on mound visits, a pitching clock, also there has been talk about starting every inning with a runner on second base, and finally one of the most drastic changes is cutting two innings from the game to make it seven innings instead of the original nine. Personally, I think these rule changes are ludicrous. Baseball is America 's past time sport for a reason, it should remain the same as when it first started only…show more content…
Putting a time limit on mound visits is mindless due to the fact that the person who is talking to the pitcher knows he needs to make his speech short, simple, and to the point. Time limits do nothing but rush perfection. When someone is rushed it could cause a whole domino effect. The person giving the speech could say something wrong and could throw off the pitchers concentration on his duties at that moment. I belief putting a time limit is just a bad idea for that specific reason, rushing in the game of baseball does nothing but cause mistakes which could later lead to a loss for the team and possibly impact the team chemistry in a negative way. As I am speaking about pitchers and time limits, they are also debating on whether or not the pitcher should have a “pitching clock” similar to that of basketball, the “Shot Clock”. “A modified version of Rule 8.04, which discourages unnecessary delays by the pitcher, shall apply. Rule 8.04 requires the pitcher to deliver the ball to the batter within 12 seconds after he receives the ball with the bases unoccupied. The penalty prescribed by Rule 8.04 for a pitcher 's violation of the Rule is that the umpire shall call "- BallPace Of Game. (n.d.). Retrieved April 13, 2017, from As I stated before, when

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