Baseball Is America 's Pastime

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Baseball is America’s pastime. Baseball is a sport that is played with a bat, glove, and a baseball. The sport is popular worldwide. Countries around the world have developed their own leagues and have created teams in the leagues to play against each other. The age group for baseball players range from the ages of 5 to about 65. Some leagues are created with age restrictions on them so that play levels can be fair. For example, 5 years olds playing together would be more fair than an 18 year old player playing against the 5 year old. The 18 year old would have a better skill set than the 5 year old so the play would be unfair. The most popular baseball league in the is the Major League Baseball (MLB). The MLB is where the best baseball players in the world play. However, there can be only so many players that can play in the majors, so there are also different leagues where players can play. Baseball is a popular sport because of how entertaining it is to play and to watch. The group of people that play baseball have certain attire, behavior, and values that distinguish themselves from others. Baseball players have certain attire that distinguish themselves from others. What a baseball player will wear that is different from others are athletic attire. They will wear clothes that are usually name brand, like Nike or Adidas. They will likely wear name brand shirts, sweatpants, athletic shoes, sweatshirts, and shorts. Aside from public attire, baseball players have to wear
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