Baseball Is America 's Pastime

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Baseball is America’s pastime. Thousands of fans every season gather in stadiums nationwide to watch as players take the diamond. People of all ages have a love for baseball, after all it is the all American sport. Baseball was loved by millions until one day when the truth came out. The 1919 World Series had been rigged. Hearts were broken and sadness spread across America. These crooked people didn’t intentionally try to ruin baseball but there were reasons why these men went astray. People didn’t want to believe it was true… but it was. The Chicago White Sox had intentionally thrown the series and let the Cincinnati Reds win (encyclopedia). There began the painful tribulation of the Black Sox scandal. It was 1919 and everyone was…show more content…
Why throw the series? Why would the players get involved with gamblers? One reason, was Charles Comiskey, the owner of the White Sox. The players were getting really tired of playing better than almost any team but getting paid about half as much as their opponents (Lipsyte 25). Comiskey was just cheap and didn’t pay the team what many thought they deserved. He wouldn’t even pay for their uniforms to be cleaned, there came along the Black Sox (Lipsyte 25). The first baseman for the White Sox was C. Arnold “Chick” Gandil and he was the first to meet with anyone about fixing the series (History). He met with Joseph “Sport” Sullivan and finally agreed to the plan of throwing the championship in exchange for $100,000 (History). All he needed now was the men on the field to agree with this crooked plan. In order for this to work, he would need a pitcher and Eddie Cicotte came to mind. Cicotte was an incredible ball player who had been pitching big league games for 14 years. He was unstoppable, yet Comiskey paid him less than $6,000 (Asinof 16). Cicotte was having monetary issues and needed to be able to provide for his family. He thought the plan over in his mind and finally told Gandil “I’ll do it for ten thousand dollars. Cash. Before the Series begins!”. This created a snowball effect because Gandil figured if he could get Cicotte on board he could get the rest of the players he needed (Asinof 17). The next person he went after was shortstop “Swede” Risberg, he
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