Baseball Is America 's Sport

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Baseball has been around for centuries and is a sport that has been one of america’s most popular sport for a very long time. Filled with excitement,happiness and fans that absolutely love the game baseball can Arguably be america’s sport. Created in 1846 and having many changes that have bettered and the game more exciting. Some will say that it is boring and lost its cool but baseball is far from losing its cool. The beauty of baseball is that it has no clock just straight nine straight innings of baseball. People will say it has no action, , but in baseball, there are home runs, amazing catches, diving stops, amazing feats and much more. The atmosphere is incredible, the fans are great and there is no better place to eat a hotdog and…show more content…
As the pitcher was getting set to throw the next pitch , the batter pointed to right side of the outfield calling his shot. Setting backup he set his feet the pitch was on the way the batter swung and hit a homerun to the right side of the field where he had called his shot. This man went by many but mostly known as the Babe “The Great Bambino” Ruth. The history of baseball is what makes the game of baseball so great looking at it from where it has been to where it is now a big change in the sport. Baseball can and is arguably be America 's sport for so many reasons. Some people look at this sport as “it 's the highest paid sport I want to play it” as for others their love and passion for the game is more than anything. If anything Baseball 's getting cooler new rules new styles of playing the game new uniforms everything is just making the sport better. Some kids don 't look at the game at because of the sports they look at the people who play it and look at the style the swagger they bring to it. Every baseball fan has their favorite team their favorite player and their favorite stadium Is not just the game of baseball it’s everything to it. To the home runs the diving catches all the great plays that went down in MLB history are what makes baseball a great sport. Baseball will always and forever be America 's sport. Everyone has their opinions on everything just like everybody has a favorite
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