Baseball Is My Body

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People are all different they may have the same skin color or live in the same place but everyone is different. Many people think they are classified because their skin, but That’s not what makes you is your culture what you like to do and what traditions you do with your family. Take this for instance I love playing baseball and my family but I also like cooking, music, and drawing that's what makes me who I am. Baseball isn’t something just to do for me it's my pastime, my love and passion for the sport is major. I love how the game makes me feel, it pushes me to make good grades and stay out of trouble. There's something about the feeling I get when i walk on the field, I have a rush and I feel like I can do anything I put my mind too. I also have support when I play the sport my dad pushes me because he knows I have potential, but my mom and Makayla are my number one fans.…show more content…
My family is the thing I love the most no matter what I will never have hate for my blood. They help me with school, baseball, money, and rides to go anywhere. They have times where they say no but I know it's for reasons. They can’t get me everything but I still love
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