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The sport of baseball consists of physical activity that is wonderful exercise for the body. A person playing baseball is participating in all sorts of different activities that work different parts of the body. Typically if you play baseball, repeatedly throwing the ball will result in muscular development of the bicep, deltoid, and other muscles in the throwing arm (Brent, Michael). There are short bursts of running in both practice and the game that result in the building of muscles in the legs (Brent, Michael). There is so much activity that a 160 pound person can burn 365 calories in an hour (“Health and Fitness”). The game is generally played outside as long as the weather permits. It is generally sunny and this is great for people because sunlight is the main source of vitamin D; this helps the body absorb and metabolize calcium and phosphorus (Brent, Michael). Adolescents that play baseball usually stay fit for life…show more content…
Playing is a good stress and muscle reliever, and the players are less likely to do drugs because they learn to respect their bodies at an early age (Brent, Michael). Generally, individuals who plays baseball or any sport tend to live longer due to the all the exercise and workouts that the athletes do to keep their selves in shape. (“Physical Benefits”). Baseball is great for the body due to various forms of exercise. However, it also has characteristics that can be beneficial lessons for life. Baseball is a game that is described as “America’s national pastime” (“Baseball in America: A History”). People from all over America enjoy the game for its many positive characteristics. Besides its benefits for the body, certain aspects of baseball can be seen as a metaphor for everyday life. The game of baseball and its rules can be related to a
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