Baseball : The Abhorrent Baseball Season

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The Abhorrent Baseball Season The most embarrassing baseball season in my life was in spring 2014. I played baseball for a decade when I decided to retire. I thought that I should end on the best season I have ever had because I’ve had already made up my mind that this season was going to be my last season. I played for North West in the junior division. There was only one other junior team, so we had to travel a lot for our games. I was probably the fifth or sixth best player on the team (I was a very average player). My team was not the best team in the league, but they were the worst. I think that we would have won a game, if we would have picked up our heads after the first lost. The first month of the season was training.…show more content…
We were up by one and we were excited. We were screaming and shouting. The next few innings were uneventful. When the seventh inning came around, that’s when things got interesting. The other team scored three runs. We were down by two, but luckily we were at the top of our lineup, so all of our best hitters were going up to bat. Justin and another kid named Jay was on second and third and I was up to bat. We had two outs, and if I could get a base hit, Jay and Justin could score. I had butterflies the whole time I was walking up to bat. When I was in the batter’s box the butterflies were gone, and all I was focused on was the pitcher and the baseball. The first two pitches I watched and they were both strikes. At this point the butterflies had found their way back into my stomach. I was thinking in my head; I wasn’t about to let my team down. The whole time the pitcher was getting ready to throw the final pitch, I had my eyes on the ball. When the ball escaped the fingertips on the pitcher, the butterflies turned into adrenaline and I swung the bat and nailed the ball. I felt like I just hit a home run, but in a few short moments that feeling was ceased when the right fielder held up his glove with excitement. I walked back to the dugout with my head down. I felt like crying because I let my team down. I went the rest of the day not saying another word. The rest of the season wasn’t any better we would go up in the first couple of
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