Baseball : The Tragedy Of The Black Sox Scandal

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Baseball was the most popular sport in America in the early 20th century. However, the reputation was eventually ruined with a major scandal known as the Black Sox Scandal. The scandal is notorious for being the largest sporting scandal in the nation’s history and causing baseball to have this devastating event haunt it forever. The men who were a part of the Black Sox Scandal did not have a valid a reason to partake in the scandal because it was unethical and tainted baseball forever. Before the sport of baseball was tainted, it was initially just a growing sport amongst working middle-class people, whether they were playing or simply watching. The first professional team was formed in 1869 and was soon joined by eight other teams which formed the first national league for the sport of baseball. A few years after existence, the national league was struggling to stay afloat. Many team owners ruled with in an extremely strict manner. Athletes who put forward complaints were often fired and blacklisted. The first case of gambling within a baseball game happened the year 1877. Members of the Louisville Grays purposefully lost the game for money and claimed it was because they hadn’t been paid yet. Shortly after, baseball was turned into a booming business with the brand name “Spaulding” coming to rise in selling sporting goods. Eventually a new league of baseball was formed and came out on top as the favorite amongst the nation. While the players were enjoying the new conditions thanks to Spaulding, they were still ruled under extreme strictness. Players were being dictated and their complaints weren’t given any attention whatsoever. Despite many efforts to counter the strictness of the league, players were still put under poor conditions which may have caused the Black Sox Scandal to happen in the first place (Pearson). The men who took part in this scandal were members of the Chicago White Sox team of 1919. The Chicago White Sox were considered one of the best teams to ever be assembled in the history of baseball. During 1917, the White Sox won the World Series but some of the members were drafted and shipped overseas. It was up to the head coach of the White Sox to assemble and replicate the 1917 season. In

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