Based Off The Other Countries, Solemnly Based On Research,

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Based off the other countries, solemnly based on research, I have never been to either countries to experience the opinions and views in person but the next country is where I am from, grown up and lived throughout the views and opinions of Americans. Yes, the United States has mixed views on Mental health. One thing about the society here, is that more people will ignore mental health more than actually trying to understand it. People connect mental illness/health with murderers. It should not be that way, yes there is most of the time a mental illness that is going on but they should not be the face of mental illness because most people with a mental illness are not dangerous. “Cultural and religious teachings often influence beliefs…show more content…
Considering that I am 20 years old, its not fair to people that deal with mental illnesses and have to be surrounded by people who don’t get it and how hard it can be. Take Depression for example, lots of people just think that it is the feeling of being sad and that the person just needs to forget about it and they will get better. Depression is so much more, Congress has introduced Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. In most states, when it comes to cutting budgets the mental health services are one of the first to take the hit. In recent years, prescribing mental-illness drugs has increased dramatically. It is being shown that 1 in 5 Americans take at least one medication to treat a mental health disorder. Mental Health is a topic that should be taken more seriously and should really be talked about more. There are so many people in the world that have a Mental Illness but are too afraid to talk about it because of the backlash or the weird looks. Nobody should feel that they are alone when dealing with any kind of illness. Having a support system is a big part of being able to fight that mental illness and will give you the strength to get through it. If you are to afraid to tell a love one, there are always counselors that are willing to help you through the process. It amazing to read the different ways each country portrays mental illness and to see most countries start

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