Based On The Mbti Online Test

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Based on the MBTI online test, I am the type of ENFJ, which I think it really matches my personality (See Figure 1). ENFJ stands for Extravert, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Judging. ENFJ is known as “givers” because they have a highly sensitive ability to help others and picking up on another person’s feeling. For example, when there is a problem, ENFJs will try to find the best solution that works for everyone. ENFJs have an excellent communications skills and personable aura that people want to be around. They also find it natural and easy to communicate with complete strangers. ENFJs are action-oriented, they want to make sure that everything is planned and organized, and will be the one who getting things done. ENFJs are not afraid to…show more content…
Team Working and Personality Type

A team is made up of different kinds of people; some people behave as team workers to help and support other members, while some people work as an individual to solve problems. In order to make the most effective outcomes, it is important to understand which type of team members you are. Belbin suggested that every team members are unique in nine different characteristics and categorized it into three groups: Action Oriented, People Oriented, and Thought Oriented (Belbin 1993, 2014) (See Appendix D). However, the questionnaire test assessed only eight team roles by exempt “Specialist” team role from questionnaire. The result from Belbin’s Team Role Testing showed that I am act as Co-coordinator in the team (See Figure3 and Table 1). According to Belbin (1993), “Co-coordinators are mature, trusting and confident, they are quick to spot individual talents and to use them to pursue group objectives, and they have a broad and worldly outlook.” Nonetheless, the key to work in a team is to have correct balance of skill and behavior to support and drive each other to connect with a common goal.
Self Analysis
When I picture myself, I like to think of an easy going, independent, and optimistic. Furthermore, I am insanely organized. I like my room to be clean, neat, and organized all the time. Also, I can be a reliable source to get work done. I will not give up till I accomplish my goal. I believe that nothing is impossible, if you put your
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