Basic Assumptions Underlying The Nsm And They Include

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Theory evaluation Master, K. (n.d.), identify five basic assumptions underlying the NSM and they include: 1. Patients have both distinctive and universal features and are continuously exchanging energy with the environment. 2. The relationships among patient variables effect their protective mechanisms and define their response. 3. Patients present a standard range of responses to the environment that have wellness and stability. 4. Stressors first invade the flexible lines of defense then continues to invade the normal lines of defense. 5. Nursing provider’s actions are focused on primary, secondary, and tertiary preventions (Master, n.d.). The metaparadigm concepts within the NSM include human beings, environment, health, and nursing. First, is the human being which is looked at as, an open system that relates with both internal and external environment powers and stressors. However, the human is the one in constant alteration, moving in the direction of a vigorous state of system steadiness or toward illness of unpredictable levels. Second, is the environment which consist of all dynamics that affect and are affected by the systems. The internal environment occurs within the client system while the external environment happens outside the client system. Third, is the health which is the level of system stability and vary from wellness if system needs are met, to illness when system needs are not fulfilled. Death occurs if the energy required to support life is no longer
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