Basic Building Security Procedures

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Basic Building Security Procedures By Arnold Anderson, eHow Contributor updated: April 30, 2010 Read more: Basic Building Security Procedures | • Making a commercial building secure means protecting the employees that work in the building as well as any visitors. There are some basic building security procedures that should be followed to help keep traffic in and out of the building organized, and to make sure that the building is secure when no one is supposed to be in it. By following security procedures and limiting off-hours access, a building can be made safer and more secure. Schedule of Hours • Security is not just locks…show more content…
A good quality commercial security system provider will work with you and your budget. They will help you balance the risk, need, and your insurer 's requirements with your budget. Your commercial security system provider should take you through the process with the most cost effective solution. A good security provider will also give you trouble-free service. They should have engineers available to you twenty-hours a day, seven days a week because you never know when your system might need servicing. They should not just sell you a security system and then walk away not to be heard from again. They will continue to be there for you whenever you need them and will come out to your business to service your commercial security system if need be. | | | | | | 2. Why Purchase a Commercial Security System? [pic]You can get your commercial security system in electronic form today. There are many excellent reasons to purchase a commercial security system. First off, you will get a good commercial security alarm system. It will alert the police and the security company if someone tries to break into your business. You can also get a video surveillance system that will allow you to record anything and everything that goes on in your business. Whether you are being robbed by someone that has broke in or one of your employees, it will catch it on video. You can even have the cameras outside as well as inside your business. You can view
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