Basic C Input / Output, Expressions And Functions

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Basic C Input/Output, expressions and functions Part 1 - Research What are embedded Systems? An embedded systems is a computer system with one or more specific tasks within a larger machine or system. Generally at the heart of an embedded system is a microprocessor that would control some input and output devices. Embedded systems often face much stricter constraints than most general purpose computer systems so they are much harder to program[1]. Fig 0 [3] The main constraints an embedded system may face are[2]: 1)Real time - Real time is when a system must respond to an event within a strict deadline that would affect the safety or usability of the device. 2)Low power - Most embedded systems have a limited power supply so they have to save energy while doing their tasks. 3)Low cost - Some embedded systems are intended to be mass produced and therefore the cost per unit must be optimized often this means getting a ‘less sophisticated’ processor or interface components to do the work needed. 4)Reliability - Embedded systems are often ingrained deep inside a complex system and it may expensive, impractical or dangerous to repair these devices frequently. Therefore some embedded systems must be as reliable as possible. 5)Computing performance - 6) Size and weight- some embedded systems Since embedded system are targeted at very specific tasks this makes it much easier to optimize for the particular application than you could with general purpose computer[3]. Uses

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